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You can appreciate and understand Jeong Jiyong¡¯s life and gem of literature in various ways.

Entering the Gallery, with the information desk at the front side, wax doll of Jeong Jiyong sits on a bench at the right side. Visitors can sit on the each empty side of the bench with the doll and make a memorial picture.
Stepping into the dark tunnel-like first entrance, you can enjoy Jeong Jiyong¡¯s poetry expressed with music and image. The¡°¤¡¡±-shaped inside, there are walls on the both sides with screened informative messages and words about Jiyong and his literature to give much more information to the visitors in a short period of time.

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This theme exhibition about Jeong Jiyong is composed of four parts from Jiyong¡¯s Chronological History, Jiyong¡¯s life and literature, Jiyong Literature Map, and Exhibition of His Prose and Poem. The following explains each theme.
¡°Jiyong¡¯s Chronological History¡± will closely show the circumstances of the times in which he lived and how he made his literature life through the times.
The video on the screen book ushers us into the Jeong Jiyong¡¯s world, in memory of him.
¡°Jiyong¡¯s life and literature¡± is a place where you can have an in-depth knowledge about Jeong Jiyong¡¯s life and literature world and made up of four sectors in order of times and themes: <Nostalgia>, <Sea and Street>, <Tree and Mountain> and <Prose and Children¡¯s Verse>.

¡°Jiyong Literature Map¡± gives you a chance to get a glimpse of understanding of the main stream of the modern Korean poetry and Jeong Jiyong¡¯s literature and poems. You can take a glance at how the modern Korean poetry had been developed through the 1910s to the 1950s and how influential Jeong Jiyong¡¯s work of arts during the times.
¡°Exhibition of His Original Copy of Prose and Poem¡± displays original copies of Jeong Jiyong¡¯s work of arts: <The Collection of Poems of Jeong Ji-yong>, <Baek-rok-dam>, and <The Selected Poems of Ji-yong>, <The Reading Book of Literature> and <Prose>. And the video shows Jeong Jiyong¡¯s hand-written script and first-published literature work.
Like this, along the aisle of the Literature Exhibition with three sides of its wall filled with his work, you can see Jeong Jiyong¡¯s work of arts by theme.
And you can entertain and amuse yourself by feeing what is literature at the Literature Experience Center which boasts various kinds of multi-media methods.
At the center, there are various programs: You can add your pleasure by seeing and listening to his work of arts.
¡°Poem felt with your hands¡±: you hold out your hands, and then on your hands a poem will be screened for you to recite the poem.
¡°Poetry with Video¡±: You can appreciate the poems recited by voice actors with background music and picture enhancing your understanding of poem.
¡°Nostalgia with Video¡±: you can feel the famous poem at the form of music video.
¡°Search poetic words¡±: you can better understand the meaning and expression of various poetic words.
¡°Self Poem Recital Room¡±: you can record your own recital of Jeong Jiyoing¡¯s poem on the screen with background music and have the tape for a souvenir.
¡°Video Room¡±: you can see the documentary film about Jiyong¡¯s life and literature.
¡°Literature Class¡±: you can enjoy lectures, poem discussion, seminars, and other literature clubs activities at this place. What¡¯s more, group visitors can be given an orientation at this center.
Gallery Plan
1) Literature Exhibition Center (literature exhibition /literature experience) 2) Video Room 3) Literature Class 4) Poetry Recital Room 5) Exit