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While visiting the Jiyong¡¯s birthplace and Gueup, ask yourself if you are hungry. But even if you do not, you may as well sample the taste of the very famous Gueup food, Jelly Dish or called Muck.
¡®Gueup Grandma Muck Restaurant¡¯ can be said to be the first and the most famous of its kinds. The owner of this restaurant has been making Muck for over 5 decades, so anyone can know who the owner is by just seeing the signboard. The grandma only deals with the original Korean acorns and when she has not enough acorns to make foods, she even closes up the restaurant.


Muck has originally good taste but the palatable Kimchi makes its taste better.


No one would probably make the best taste of Muck as the grandma, who minces Muck , put them in a bowl with cool gravy and add a handful of minced Kimchi and seasoning on the top. As lettuce is always there as a basic ingredient of the food, you can always taste the best Muck and Kimchi .


The grandma also boasts different kinds of Kimchi as side dishes of Muck at every season. In summer you can taste young radish Kimchi , in fall, radish Kimchi and in winter, watery radish Kimchi . Particularly, watery radish Kimchi runs out very fast because of its huge popularity, so the restaurant has nearly 10 or more immense jars to keep the enough Kimchi at the back yard.



She had lived in Japan but after the liberation, the grandma moved into a village near Gueup and was married to a man in Gueup at the age of 18.

But her life was tough and poor after her husband had died, with five children to be raised. So she decided to sell Muck to bring her children and has been making Muck until now.


Another famous Muck restaurant is at the opposite side of the Jiyong's birth place, Okcheon Muck Restaurant. A family's sisters have run this restaurant for nearly 10 years. The restaurant, with similar menus of the grandma's, is more famous with Muck Rice Restaurant because they serve a bowl of rice for free with Muck . And you can taste a traditional Korean desert, Sikhye (a sweet drink made from fermented rice)


In addition to these Gueup traditional food restaurants, there are three more traditional Korean-style restaurants in which you can taste traditional Korean foods as well as things Korean. ¡°Wide Yard Restaurant ¡°specializes in Bibimbab (boiled rice with assorted mixtures) and ¡°Chunchu Folk Food Restaurant¡±in duck foods and ¡°Arirang¡± in traditional Royal Court cuisine. You can also try the flavor of various side dishes that will stimulate your appetite.

These traditional Korean-style buildings have been as old as 80 or 130 years but still remain in good shape. As such, you can luckily have an opportunity to feel the ancient Korean lives and foods. Surely, they are another famous thing of Gueup for visitors.

Moreover, as the owners of the three restaurants have a great interest in Korean folk culture, they collect a great volume of rare folk material. So you can amuse yourself by enjoying the folk material including traditional furniture displayed in yards or here and there.