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It is a cultural festival to develop the Korean poetic circles by cherishing the memory of Jeong Jiyong, the pioneer in modern Korean poetry by best describing Korean words and spirits with his flair for writing of poetry. Since the first festival in 1988, it has been celebrated in every May.
(Jeong Jiyong¡¯s Birthplace) Okcheon-eup, Okcheon-gun, Chungbuk, Korea
Art Exhibition, Picture Exhibition, Song and Character Contest, Opera and Concert Performance, Stone Exhibition, Industrial Arts Exhibition, Kids Character Party, Jiyong Composition Contest, Contests, Poem Recital Contest and other various events.
Those who loved Jeong Jiyong decided to make Jiyong Club and held a pre-meeting on February 24, 1988. And then the club was formally launched as soon as a ban was officially lifted on April 1, 1988.
Every class of society was represented in this Jiyong Club by consisting of pupils of Hwimun high school and Ewha Womans University, co- professors of Ewha Womans University at that time, poets who were friends and fans who always loved his poems. The chairman Bang Yong-gu, former chairman of Ji-yong Club since 1988, has been served as an advisor and poet Lee Geun-bae has been the chairman since 1998.
Literature Prize for new writer aims at discovering and cultivating a new generation of poems demonstrating an innovative vision and creative spirit and succeeding Jeong Jiyong¡¯s spirit in literature.
It was first established in 1955 by <Dongyang Daily News>, sponsored by Okcheon-gun.
The clup <Poet and Poetry> launched this prize in 1989 to commemorate Jeong Jiyong¡¯s work and his influence in the literature circles. It selects the best poem of the year written by poets of medium standing. It awards the best poem based on how excellent and how easy to recite the poem is.
It aims to promote Jeong Jiyong¡¯s poetry and literature to the Koreans living in China by selecting and financially supporting the best work of arts of ethnic Koreans in China.